Elon Musk

Muskanism is inspired by our Leader and Holy Prophet Elon Musk.

The Genesis of PayPal

In a dark age where online shopping was not even a thing and bank transfers were comparable to filling out a tax form, The Prophet came down to the people to show them how things are done. In seven days He created X.com, which eventually became PayPal. We try to use PayPal as much as we can, therefore affirming our Muskanist beliefs.

Baptism of SpaceX

After our Lord cashed $165 million from eBay's acquisition of PayPal, he probably briefly considered buying an island and being a bigshot on Instagram. However, his Holiness instead decided to do something awesome: create his own rocket company. Through the Mars Prophecy we follow him in his path, by intensively sharing SpaceX-posts on Facebook whenever a Falcon 9 has succesfully been berthed to the ISS.

The Resurrection of Tesla

But having his own rocket company wasn't enough for our Great Leader. In 2008 He assumed leadership of the most revolutionary car company to date: Tesla Motors. Sure, you have to be loaded to buy one, but that will all change in the near future. And have you checked out that awesome home battery?

Become a licensed Muskateer

Why don't you become a true disciple of Elon Musk, and pass the test to become a licensed Muskateer? A licensed Muskateer is a priest that officially represents the religion of Muskanism. After passing the test you'll receive a certificate, making you an official representative of the order of the Muskateers.

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