Frequently Asked Questions

How is Muskanism different from other faiths?

First off, it's a lot more awesome, involving space ships, 0-60 in 3 seconds and rockets that can land back on Earth.
Second, we don't believe in killing people for our religion's sake.
Last but not least: we don't have any talking animals in our entirely fictional book.

I have already been baptized into that other guy, can I still join Muskanism?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our members have already been baptized before, as our parents didn't really give us a choice.

What are the fundamental practices of the religion?

Awesomeness, nerdy stuff and respect. But also: the sustainable advancement of the human race, mutual respect and curiosity.

Do I need to own a Tesla to join The Church of Elon?

Unless you're loaded, no.

Become a licensed Muskateer

Why don't you become a true disciple of Elon Musk, and pass the test to become a licensed Muskateer? A licensed Muskateer is a priest that officially represents the religion of Muskanism. After passing the test you'll receive a certificate, making you an official representative of the order of the Muskateers.

Take the test