What is Muskanism?

Muskanism is the one true religion, following the path of our Great Holy Leader Elon Musk, one of the very few truly awesome people.

At The Church of Elon, we constantly strive to make our own world a little better. By buying a Tesla Model S, by reading up on interesting Wikipedia pages or just by watching Star Trek.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

These famous words of the great apostle Steve Jobs run deep in the vains of our fellow Muskateers. In essence, we always try to stay curious and wonder how we can improve things. Don't take things for granted if they're not right - everything can be changed.

Creationism? Hahaha.

Officially we're not allowed to, but we all like to have a big fat laugh at other religion's ridiculous ideas.
A TALKING SNAKE? Seriously? Anyway, we believe mankind could have come a lot further if they hadn't wasted so much time on fairytales.

Don't be a dick

This is an important one: like our Great Leader, we treat all living organisms with respect (except chihuahuas in purses and people with selfie sticks), no matter what their beliefs are. Tolerance is key in making our society a succesful one, without exception.

Key values

The three main values of Muskanism are:

Become a licensed Muskateer

Why don't you become a true disciple of Elon Musk, and pass the test to become a licensed Muskateer? A licensed Muskateer is a priest that officially represents the religion of Muskanism. After passing the test you'll receive a certificate, making you an official representative of the order of the Muskateers.

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